BT Young Scientist project included in STEM textbook!

BT Young Scientist project included in STEM textbook!


A BT Young Scientist project entered by transition year students from Scoil Pól in Kilfinane, Co. Limerick in 2022 has been included in a STEM textbook. This textbook is aimed at TY students written by Marguerite O’Sullivan with Susan Hayes Culleton and the Education Company of Ireland. This book is the first in a four-book series which focuses on engineering in the world and bringing a design to fruition. In each chapter, there is a spotlight on BT Young Scientist projects completed by students showing their interest in science. The book gives students an insight into engineering careers along with incorporating practical engineering examples and concepts that are very much linked to the overall science physical and chemistry curricula. 

The Scoil Pól project chosen titled “To investigate the electrolyte levels of different sports drinks for the rehydration of athletes” was entered in the BT Young Scientist competition in 2022 by transition year students - Olivia Donohoe and Sarah Blade who are both from Ballylanders in county Limerick. The project received a highly commended award. The inspiration for the project came from the students own keen interest in sport, both students play ladies football for their school, Scoil Pól and their local club, Ballylanders.

The students noticed an increased use of sports drinks and wanted to investigate if they are in fact more hydrating than water. Professional teams of all sports in all levels can be seen taking energy drinks before, throughout, and after their activities. In order to stay hydrated and keep their energy levels up. This led to the students investigating which brand of energy drinks was actually most effective for the purpose of rehydration. 

The students tested the conductance of several brands of energy drinks to investigate which brand contains the most electrolytes, which are essential for rehydration and endurance during physical exercise. They created a conductance measuring circuit to record the current and voltage in each energy drink. They documented their findings to calculate the conductance with the drink with the highest level of electrolytes being the most effective at rehydrating athletes after exercise.

The students were delighted to attend the Launch of ‘Engineering In the World’ STEM Book for TY Students which took place on Monday the 16th of October at the Vertigo County Hall Cork where they were accompanied by their teachers Miss. Kelly and Miss.Garvey.

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