Senior Cycle


Cuirim fáilte mhór romhaibh chuig Scoil Pól.
As Deputy Principal of Scoil Pól, it is a privilege to highlight some of the features which make our school an excellent centre of teaching and learning, characterised by a sense of community and shared vision, and a positive and engaging school experience for the emerging adults in our care.

- As you can see from our website our school offers a wide range of subjects and programmes.
- Our teachers demonstrate daily their commitment to the achievement of academic excellence, optimising the potential of every student, including those with special educational needs.
- Teamwork, leadership skills, flexibility and a healthy balanced life style are promoted through participation in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
- Partnership, responsibility, ownership and decision-making skills are promoted through active involvement in Student Council, Prefect System, Green Schools’ Initiative etc.
- Parents are invited to participate fully and to engage actively in the educational experience of their child in our school.
- Above all Scoil Pól is a community which takes care of its students, showing care, teaching care, evoking care, and in this context promoting learning at every level. There is a pastoral dimension to all roles in Scoil Pól. The quality of all relationships is respected and nurtured. Our pastoral approach influences every aspect of school life --- policies, curriculum and structures--- in order to sustain and enrich the educational experience of each student.
- We are constantly encouraged by the testimonies of our past pupils, reflecting the positivity and richness of their personal journey through Scoil Pól which benefitted them in their subsequent academic/career development.
- As teachers in Scoil Pól, my colleagues and I are imbued with the philosophy that students learn more and behave better when they receive high levels of empathy, caring and understanding.

I hope you will enjoy your journey through our web site and come to know and appreciate what makes our school so special.

Bridget Ryan, Deputy Principal