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Last September a small group of students, together with Ms Dillon, set up the school’s first philosophy club. The aims of the club were to explore a range of philosophical questions proposed by the students, and to work on individual and group projects to enter in the Irish Young Philosopher Awards, taking place in UCD on May 15th.

We are thrilled that all seven of our entries have been accepted for the finals. What follows is a short article by Ellen Cronin (1B) on the group, their work and their projects:
“In philosophy, we have been thinking since day one about, well everything! From September to Christmas multiple topics came up for discussion, for example: capital punishment, what make art, art and music, music, the nature of freedom, time travel, time itself, the difference between dreams and nightmares, mythological creatures and much, much more. From these discussions, several of our members came up with ideas for projects for the Young Philosopher awards on the fifteenth of May, and we hoped that at least one of our fine philosophers would get through to the awards final.

There are a few projects we are entering this year into the competition. Uinsínn McCarthy (1B) is working on the difference between dreams and nightmares. Rian Keogh (1B) is doing a project on psychopaths. Alicia O Callaghan (1A) and Thyhanna Coleman (1B) are doing a project about gender stereotypes. Rodger Clery (4B) is doing a project on beauty. Pádraig Brazil Carroll (2A) is doing a project on artificial intelligence and friends. Sean Joyce (2C) is doing a project on happiness, and mine is on food and memory. As you can see, we have a diverse range of projects and are really hoping to represent the school in the Young Philosopher Awards.” Ellen Cronin (1B)

The projects take a range of forms, from posters, essays and PowerPoints to movies, video essays and podcasts, reflecting the creativity of the students involved. Most of their work and research has been done completely independently, and the level of commitment and dedication these students have shown is a huge credit to them, their families and the school.

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