ScienceWeekScience Week 2019!

Our rescheduled Science Week kicked off with a periodic table made out of cupcakes thanks to Ms.Haugh and STEM activities in some of the senior science classes!! A busy week in store for the science students and teachers!

We had a variety of events throughout the week! Some of our physics students built bridges out of paper. We had the second year science quiz. A great effort was made from our Science Department, designing their own t-shirts! Our 5th years attempted to get a reaction in class with some chemistry experiments.

Huge congrats to Rodger Clery, winner of The Best Science T-shirt yesterday! Excellent effort!
Well done also to the winners of the Science Poster Competition! Extremely creative entries we think you'll agree!
Well done to the following: Heather Fennessy, Emma Ryan, Ciara Meade

And our 6th year Chemistry students constructed marshmallow towers!


Science Week 2019

Acceptance Week with Science Week

We are all about inclusion and diversity in Scoil Pól so we combined Colours Day as part of Acceptance Week with Science Week! A prism causes white light to seperate into the 7 colours of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet! Great effort was made by all staff and students on Friday as the corridors were full of colour. A fab ending to a brilliant Science Week here in school. Massive well done to the Science Department on a very well organised, engaging week. We are already looking forward to what next year will bring.

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