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Transition year students are in the final of the very prestigious BD Stems competition. Our project was based on the common mental health issue known as Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD. The transition years did an entire research project on how SAD lamps work and improve peoples' mood. They found that over a four week period of using SAD lamps the sleep of the participants and mood of the participants increased immensely.

Seeing these results, the students then decided to develop their own SAD lamp that would be linked to their very own app called ‘Solas Sona’. The transition years have worked tirelessly over the last number of months during lockdown, changing their video around by arranging zooms with one another. This is a great achievement for a transition year group to reach the final five groups in all of Limerick and Clare.
Best of luck to Ms. O' Connor, Ms. Garvey and to the group on May 13th!


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