Building extension at Scoil Pól a reflection on school’s growing numbers

Scoil Pól Principal Mike O Hara is delighted to announce that the Department of Education have approved a large extension to Scoil Pól in the past few weeks. This extension will comprise of a new modern Wood Technology and Construction Studies room with a separate materials preparation area, two classrooms, a general purpose area and a suite of ancillary support rooms and toilets facilities. 

This extension is a reflection of the growth in student numbers seen in Scoil Pol in recent years. ‘Students numbers are up approximately 22% in the past few years’ commented Mr O Hara, ‘with predominant growth seen in our Junior classes. We have also witnessed a growing interest from students wishing to transfer in to Scoil Pol for our Senior Cycle Programmes. We are delighted with this growth as it is testament to the very high standard of teaching and learning here at Scoil Pól. It is also testament to the care that all our teachers give to each student throughout their time with us, promoting and developing interpersonal and academic skills that serve them well in their careers and lives’.

The new Wood and Construction Studies room will allow for, what is currently a very strong department in the school, to flourish even more in the years to come. Projects produced in this department are proudly displayed at the reception of the school and bears witness to the exceptionally high standard in craftsmanship being achieved. ‘Students enjoy working on their projects and their enthusiasm is reflected in the quality of work produced, commented Mr David Lowe, head of the Wood work department. ‘It is very exciting to be in the position of planning to further develop our future student’s abilities in our new room’, he added.

‘The additional two classrooms are very welcome in our expanding school’ said Mr O Hara. ‘Specifically, this will allow us to continue our policy of basing our teachers in their own rooms. This is an invaluable resource for teachers in the preparation of their class resources, subject planning and assessment. As with all our existing rooms, these new rooms will be fully IT serviced with 100mB internet access, digital data projectors and iPad interfacing facilities, thus allowing all teachers to use the most up to date technologies and methodologies in the delivery of their classes’.

The additional suite of rooms will be a combination of office spaces, life skills development areas and support rooms for our Special Needs Department. Toilet facilities will also be included. These rooms will be of great assistance to staff in delivering one to one and small group resource to those in our school that need to access such support. ‘Such inclusivity is fundamental in the ethos of our school’, Mr O Hara continued, ’and enhances the respectful atmosphere that permeates our school’.

‘The awarding of this development is an acknowledgement by the Department of Education of the sustained growth in the past years and of the need to provide for our students in to the future. We are extremely grateful to the Department for their support towards Scoil Pól’, added Mr O Hara.
The process of design and planning will begin in the next few weeks and it is hoped that construction will begin in the New Year with the new extension being ready for use in September 2016.