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‘Regretfully, our Open Night this year has to be cancelled due to ongoing concerns with respect to the Coronvirus that has invaded all our lives’, said Principal Mike O Hara in Scoil Pól in Kilfinane. ‘Like so many other traditional events across the country, we too have to reinvent ourselves and look to showcase our school in a different manner’.

In previous years parents and new students have enjoyed the opportunity to walk the corridors and rooms in Scoil Pól where they would meet with teachers and students engaged in the wide selection of subjects on offer in both Junior and Senior cycles. Student works in the form of projects, tasks and achievements would all be on display showcasing the range and quality of work completed across the school.

This year Scoil Pól are going to produce a number of short videos featuring both teachers and students explaining and demonstrating what the various subject departments have to offer. These videos will be live on the school web site – www.scoilpol.ie – from the 1st October. On the same date, the schools application form will be available to download and on request from the school office.

Overview of Scoil Pól

Scoil Pól is a co-ed school that strives to provide a broad education that responds to the needs of the wide community that its students are gathered from. Students come from Kilfinane, Ardpatrick, Martinstown, Bruree, Effin, Bruff and many other towns and villages. Scoil Pól is an academic school that’s endeavours to develop the potential within each individual. A rounded education that encourages all students to be the best they can be at all things that they do, is the daily aspiration for the staff in Scoil Pól.

In Junior Cert students study core subjects of Irish, English, Maths, Science, History and Geography. The option of taking either French or Spanish is then added and supported by Wellbeing, SPHE, CSPE, Religion, Computer studies and Physical Education. Finally all students are asked to choose two subjects from the following list: Wood work, Technical Drawing, Art, Home Economics, Music and Business Studies.

After Junior Certificate students have the option of Transition Year, Leaving Certificate Applied and Leaving Certificate. Additional subjects as options to study include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Ag Science, Applied Maths, Accounting and Construction Studies. The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme is also available for student whose subject combinations permit.

School Supports:

Schools are very busy and often difficult places and to help all students deal with the pressures of school, their personal lives and peer expectations, Scoil Pól have a multi layered student support system. There are three Guidance Counsellors available during school days and these are further supported by an active and central Pastoral Care system.

All our teachers have a part in our Pastoral Care system. Pastoral Care, by its definition, cares for the individual giving all students a ‘go to’ teacher to talk through concerns, anxieties and worries whether of school or beyond. The Pastoral Care teachers and Guidance Counsellorsare further supported by Year Heads, middle management and senior management.

An open door policy exists across the school affording students an easy opportunity to access teacher support at any time.

Extracurricular Activities:

In developing the rounded individual, Scoil Pól students have a wide and varied selection of individual and team activities that they can partake in. Hurling, camogie, ladies and gents football along with equestrian, chess, draughts, athletics, basketball and many more encourage participation.

There is also a Philosophy Club, Green Schools, Music groups, choir, school musical and drama to entice and attract students in to.

Participation in clubs and team sports is encouraged as it is a great way to make more friends and to develop hobbies and interests. Students are always welcome to suggest new clubs and share their interests and will always find staff willing to also get involved.

Special Educational Needs:

Scoil Pól is very fortunate to have a new Autism Support suite of rooms in the school. Support is offered and tailored to the needs of the individual and is constantly reviewed over the years. Special Needs Assistants support the care needs of our students both in mainstream and support classes. Our Special Needs Coordinator is available by appointment to discuss any concern and issues that pertain to individual situations. Appointments can be made through the school office.

Many other students’ avail of supports as needed across all year groups and these supports are regularly reviewed and adapted as is necessary.

Application Forms:

Application forms are available from 1st October by download from the school website www.scoilpol.ie or on request from the school office at 06391197. Places are awarded on a first come basis so a prompt submission of the application form is strongly recommended.

For any additional information or queries, please contact the school office at 06391197 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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