Welcome to our TY Diary 2017/2018! On this page we will keep you up to date with all our adventures during the year!


TY Graduation 2018


National Scratch Competition Winners

Congratulations to 3 of our TY students who took home not only 1 but 2 prizes from the Scratch Competition last Wednesday 25th of April in UL. Niamh and Dani won the Best Animation prize out of 502 entrants, for their short animation called 'Behind the Bully'. Dewi took home the best in her category prize for her mini game called 'Clean up the Streets'. Well done to our students and all 31 finalists on the day. 

National Scratch Finals 2018

Check out their projects below: (You will need to have flash enabled)

Behind the Bully:

Clean up the Street:


YSI Speakout

On the 21st of March the TYs travelled to the Lyrath Estate Hotel for the Young Social Innovator Speakout. Both TY classes have been working hard in their YSI class raising awareness for their topics; Girls in sport and LGBTQ+ equality in the school. They had a great day learning about other schools social issues.

 YSI 1  YSI 2
 YSI 3  YSI 4

Visit to Cloughjordan

On the 12th of March all the Transition Years travelled to Cloughjordan House in County Tipperary. Both classes started the visit with a warm welcome of hot chocolate and delicious baked treats. One group worked in the garden whilst the other group worked in the kitchen. The 4A class worked in the garden first and the 4B class worked in the kitchen. In the kitchen they learned how to make vegetable soup and homemade bread from scratch we also learned how to make their own butter. They really enjoyed making the bread.

 Cloughjordan 2  Cloughjordan 3

Whilst they were working hard in the kitchen the other group were learning how to sew seeds and learned about the work that is done around Cloughjordan. They had a great time feeding the pigs, collecting the eggs from the chickens and sewing seeds for different vegetables. For lunch they enjoyed eating the soup and bread that the 4B class made earlier which was really appetizing. After lunch they handed over our aprons to the 4A class to prepare for dinner.

Cloughjordan 1  Cloughjordan 4 

The 4B class were out in the garden. In the kitchen they made tacos and chocolate brownies. They, learned different skills such as how to cut vegetables and how to bake brownies. The 4B class were working hard in the garden, they sewed seeds in the greenhouse and fed the pigs. Then they all enjoyed the tacos that were made in the kitchen for the dinner and the brownies for dessert. They had a great day in Cloughjordan, they enjoyed learning how the food comes from the farm to the fork.

TY Drama

On the 6th and 7th of March the TYs put on the annual TY play directed by Ms Donovan and Ms Tobin. The two plays ‘Are We Late’ and ‘Dead Lucky’ were written by Michael Dennehy. ‘Are We Late’ was a light hearted comedy about a drunk man and his wifes struggle to make the Late Late Show. ‘Dead Lucky’ was a darker comedy about and string of affairs and plot twists. The plays were a big success and enjoyed by everyone.


TY Drama 2018


TYPlayPoster18 small


The Transition Year class attending the M.O.G Car Safety Demonstration given by Mike Gleason.

 MOGCar18 1

Science of the Circus

The TYs travelled to UL with the 5th Year Physic class to the Science of the circus workshop. Circus performer, James Soper demonstrated how science is used in circus performances. They had a great time and learned a lot.


Work Experience

The TYs spent a week from the 5th the 9th of February on work experience. We chose a career that we had an interest in. We spent the week observing and learning about the job. We all enjoyed the week and learned a lot.


African Drumming Workshop

The TYs had an African Drumming workshop in the school. They learned how to play a few rhythms on the drums and they had a good time.


Scoil Pól Make- Up Masterclass

A group of TY girls organized a make- up masterclass in aid of Focus Ireland and the TY fund. Two make up artists, Leah O’Sullivan and Jodie Hanley gave a demonstration each and gave the audience their tips and tricks. There was some amazing spot prizes sponsored by local pharmacies. The night was a great success, over €600 was raised and the girls would like to thank everyone for their support.



The Staff Christmas Dinner 

On the 13th of December the 4A class hosted the annual staff Christmas dinner in the library. They were preparing for it in their cookery and life skill classes. The learned how to set and serve a table correctly. All the students were involved in making the dinner and some were chosen to serve the tables. It was a success, all the teachers enjoyed their meal. 


The Christmas Market 

On the 15th of December 2017 some TYs travelled into the Milk Market in Limerick to sell their Mini Company products. There was a wide variety of stalls there. All the TY mini companies there had a successful day selling.


First Aid Module 

The TYs completed their First Aid Module. They were thought the basic first aid skills such as how to treat wounds, CPR, how to use a defibrillator and how to make a sling. These were valuable skills that the TYs may have to use in life. They enjoyed this module and learned a lot.



Sign Language Module

All TYs took part in the sign language module. They began it at the end of November and last 3 weeks. They learned how to spell their name and the alphabet, they also learned how to talk about themselves. All the TYs enjoyed doing their sign language module.



Comedy Show

On the 13th of November 2017 the TYs went to a comedy show in the Friars Gate, Kilmallock. The comedy was a one man comedy given by Ger Carey the comedian. The show was very entertaining and everyone found it very funny.

The Lifesavers Project

On the 14th of November 2017 the TYs attended a road safety demonstration and talk in the South Court Hotel, Limerick. A live demonstration was given, actors acted in a fatal car crash. The demonstration showed what happens at a car accident scene and how the guards, the fire brigade and the ambulance do their at a car accident scene. After the demonstration they were given a talk by the guards, an ambulance worker, a fireman and a car crash survivor. Upsetting videos and pictures were shown but the TYs learned the importance of road safety.

 Life Saver project
 Life Saver project 1

The Cork Pops Concert

On the 10th of November 2017 all TYs travelled to the UL Concert Hall in Limerick to watch the Cork Pops perform. The Cork Pops are a full orchestra, they were joined by the Voice of Ireland winner Keith Hanley. The performance was excellent and it was enjoyed by everyone.



Self Defense Module

All Transition Year students took part in their self defense module with Martin from the School of Fitness Ireland. The module lasted 6 weeks, each week the TYs had an hour of learning self defense. At the end of the 6 weeks they all had an exam. The results of the exams were very good.

 Self Defense TY Scoil Pol

The Claire Byrne Show

The TYs travelled to Dublin to be part of the audience for Claire Byrne Live. They left after school and arrived at the RTÉ studio in Donnybrook. Interesting topics were discussed on the show. They met Clare Byrne after the show for pictures. They arrived in Kilfinane late at night but they had a great evening in Dublin.

 ClaireByrneShow2017 1


The Transition Year Cake Sale

On Sunday the 24th the Transition Years held a Cake Sale in the school extension. We all made goods to bring in for selling. The cake sale was in aid for our TY fund. We all had jobs such as making posters, selling and dealing with the money. The cake sale was a great success and we are grateful for everyone's support.

Cake Sale 1 Cake Sale 2

Cake Sale 3

The Ploughing Championship

On the 20th of September Transition Year students travelled to Tullamore in Co. Offaly for the annual Ploughing Championships. A bus left Kilfinane at 6am carrying a load of tired but excited heads. It was a very wet day and we were all soaked but we had a great day going from stall to stall, meeting celebrities and collecting all the free things that we could. We all had a great day in Tullamore. We returned to Kilfinane tired and wet but we all had a great day in Tullamore together.

ploughing 2 ploughing 3

ploughing 1

Team Bonding at Ballyhass Lakes

Ballyhass Lakes On the 11th of September all Transition Years and LCAs went to Ballyhass Lakes near Mallow in Co.Cork. They took part in many activities such as the zip line across the lake, the gladiator challenge and the inflatable waterpark. This trip was our class bonding day, by the end of the day we all felt that we were closer as a class as many activities were team based and we all had to work together. We all had a great day in Ballyhass with our class, teachers and instructors.

Ballyhass Lakes 1

Ballyhass Lakes 4

 Ballyhass Lakes 3

 Ballyhass Lakes 2




Welcome to our TY Diary 2018/2019! On this page we will keep you up to date with all our adventures during the year!

Check out our Photo Gallery here!

TY Gallery 2018/2019


Work Experience

From the 11th to the 15th of February, Transition Years went on another week of work experience. Veterinary Clinics, Pharmacies and the like were popular options, and many students also went to places such as Limerick Animal Welfare, Plant nurseries, Primary Schools and Pre - Schools, with some students even travelling as far as London and Holland!


Mid Term

The following week, the whole school was on Mid - Term break. A much needed rest!



February saw the finishing touches being put on the school musical, “Greased Lightnin”, in which TY’s were heavily involved. All the hard work and rehearsals promises an amazing show!



Sleep In for St. Vincent de Paul

On the 25th of January 2019 a group of TY students and 5 teachers took part in a sleep in for St Vincent de Paul. Each student donated €10 to the charity to take part. The sleep in began at 8:00pm on the Friday night and ended at 8:00am the next morning. On Friday, students also went up town with buckets collecting money from the public. Between the sleep in and collecting money there was up to €500 raised for St Vincent de Paul. On behalf of the St Vincent de Paul committee in Scoil Pól we would like to thank everyone who donated money and everyone who took part in the sleep in. 

TY Sleep In for St. Vincent de Paul


Ice Skating

On the 12th of December, TY’s travelled to Arthurs Quay in Limerick for Ice Skating, at ‘Limerick on Ice’. Although some were more graceful than others, everyone enjoyed the day! Following Ice Skating, students had a small amount of free time to go shopping and get lunch.

TY Ice Skating Limerick 2018

Milk Market

On the 14th of December, a small of students selected by the TY Mini Enterprise teachers got the opportunity to go the Milk Market in Limerick to sell their products. Products on sale included Baked Goods, Handcrafted Wooden Pens, and Decorated Glass Jars.

TY Milk Market Limerick 2018

Teaching Experience!

Mr. O’Donnell's Environmental class got the opportunity to go to Kildorrery N.S to teach the kids about space. Students were split into groups of three or four, and each group was assigned a class. Students created PowerPoint Presentations, Kahoot Quizzes and many other things to help teach the kids in space. We might have a future teacher or two in our midst!

Movie Day

After the last day of Swimming, TY’s went to the library which was set up for a Movie Day. They watched the Christmas Chronicle and had lots of sweets and popcorn.


Other Activities

December saw the conclusion of Swimming Lessons with the Jaws Exam, which almost everyone managed to pass. The traditional dance module also finished, with students having learned the Electric Slide, Bunny Hop, Waltz and Country Jive. The general consensus was that this was one of the best modules yet.




Clay Pigeon Shooting

TY students got the opportunity to try Clay Pigeon Shooting in November. It took place at the Lazy Dog Shooting Range. It was great fun for all involved, and some people even discovered a hidden talent! Students were split into three different groups for this, and went on three consecutive Mondays.

TY ClayShooting 8


Road Safety Talk

On the 13th November TY’s attended a Road Safety Talk in the South Court Hotel in Limerick. There was a demonstration outside which showed the aftermath of a crash which could have been avoided if greater care had been taken. Following this there were presentations and speeches inside the hotel, including one from a former footballer who had been almost completely paralysed after a road accident. The whole experience was moving and I’m sure our students will take great care on the roads in the future.

TY DriveSafety 9


Ger Carey Comedian

The 14th of November saw students make the short trip to Kilmallock to see Ger Carey’s live comedy show. Everyone thought he was extremely funny and relatable. He comes highly recommended!


Acceptance Week

Starting the 12th of November, TY’s ran an Acceptance Week in school. On the 12th of November, Joanne O’Riordan, who runs her own campaign called ‘No Limbs No Limits’, has received a young person of the year award and given a speach at the United Nations came to our school. Students found her to be “honest, relateable and just good craic in general”

That same week there was also a talk from Maria Walsh from Mayo. Maria Walsh was the first member  of the LGBTQI+ community to win the Rose of Tralee competition. She spoke about sexuality, alchaholism, school life and what it’s like to be pioneer. She was extremely open with her answers and a good laugh to boot!

The 4B class also organised a “Rainbow Day” where they drew names from a hat and matched teachers to a colour. They then had to dress in these colours, to show their support for our schools LGBTQI+ community. The teachers were all extremely supportive.

TY Acceptance Week 2018


Christmas Dinner

TY’s also got the opportunity to cook a Christmas Dinner for the staff. Under the watchful eyes of Mr.Sommers, Mrs.Power, Mrs. McNamara, Ms. McHugh and Ms. O’Donoghue, the Life Skills class prepared a three course meal, and of course they got to taste test everything!

TY ChristmasDinner 1


Other Activities

Even with all this going on, TY’s somehow managed to continue with Swimming Lessons, begin a module in traditional dancing, aswell as taking part in a Boxercise/Self-Defence Class. A number of our TY’s are also involved in the School Musical, and were busy with dancing, singing and acting rehearsals. A busy month indeed!


Cake Sale - Fundraising

October was another busy month for TYs. Between Swimming Lessons, First Aid, the conclusion of Yoga and the beginning of Boxercise, there was plenty to keep them on their toes. October was another busy month for TYs. TY’s began to run Fundraisers such as the Cake Sale which was held on a Sunday morning. All students dropped in homemade things to be sold, and a small amount of students stayed at school to sell these goods.


School Disco - Fundraising

Another such fundraiser was the School Disco - Vibe. Vibe was run by TY’s for Junior Cert students and was a roaring success. There was a great air of excitement as it was, for many people, their first Disco.


Talent Show

TYs also ran a talent show on Sunday the 21st in aid of the Anois programme. Many students, not just TYs preformed. Tickets were sold in school and in Kilfinane. A raffle was held on the night to raise additional funds. The audience were delighted by the display of talent!


Scoil Pol Talent Show 2018

Work Experience

TYs went on a full week of work experience in October. Work Experience gave students a chance to see what a particular job would be like and decide whether or not they would like to pursue it as a career. Students went to Pharmacies, Retail Outlets, Veterinary Practices, Garda Barracks and a variety of other places across the country.


European Tour

October also held the much anticipated Foreign Tour. This year, the school decided to bring students to Italy, where they spent time sightseeing in Milan, Venice and even got to go to GardaLand. 


Awards Ceremony

On Friday the 21st, The Awards Ceremony took place in school. Transition Years took home gold in many categories and were praised for their achievements in Academics, Sport, Art amongst other things.


National Ploughing Championships

On the 20th of the month, TY’s travelled to the National Ploughing Championships in Screggan Co. Offaly. The weather may have been brutal but the craic was mighty! It provided a unique experience for those who were not from farming backgrounds to gain an insight into the ins and outs of farming, from machinery, to animals to handcrafted produce, the Ploughing showcases it all!


Swimming Lessons begin

Swimming lessons also began in September. Taking place in UL every Tuesday, Swimming was a module everyone was looking forward to. It provided students with a chance to, in some cases, start with the basics, and in others, build on existing skills. The different groups that were made based on ability allowed students to feel more comfortable and learn at a pace suited to them. Some students were even recommended to take the Life Guards course!

TY SwimmingUL 1


Yoga and First Aid

During September, TY’s also began six/seven week modules in Yoga and First Aid. Although First Aid classes were more popular, both classes were approached with enthusiasm. Students learned a lot of vital skills in First Aid and Yoga provided a change of pace and a break from studying and a classroom setting.

TY Yoga Limerick    TY First Aid


SOAR Retreat

The 11th September saw TYs take part in a mini retreat hosted by the local convent and run by SOAR. Although it wasnt everyones thing, it was hugely beneficial as it gave students the opportunity to open up about things that had been bothering them and realise that they would be supported by their classmates.


Ballyhass Lakes - Team Bonding

Transition Year Students started back to School on Monday the 3rd of September. TY this year comprises of over 60 students, including many foreign students from countries such as Spain and Germany, new students who have moved to our school from other local schools. On the 4th of September Transition Year and Leaving Cert Applied students travelled to Ballyhass Lakes Co.Cork for a team bonding day and also a bit of craic! Outdoor activities that required teamwork and mutual trust helped to build new relationships between students, and strengthen ones that already existed. All TY students loved it and the general consensus was that they couldn’t wait to go back!

TY Ballyhass Lakes 2018


This page is dedicated to showcasing some of the wonderful pieces made by our very talented students over the past few years. It also contains some of the latest projects completed in class.



Feburary 2019

Fifth and Sixth Year Construction Trip

Here are some photos of our Construction Studies 5th/6th Year Trip to Granagh Concrete, Lynchs Quarry and a new building site in Kilfinny. 

ConStudiesVisit19 1 ConStudiesVisit19 4 
ConStudiesVisit19 5 ConStudiesVisit19 6

ConStudiesVisit19 3

Second Year Project Work

Here are some photos from our industrious 2nd Yr woodwork classes busy making clocks and serving trays.

2ndYrProjectWork 1 2ndYrProjectWork 2
2ndYrProjectWork 3 2ndYrProjectWork 4
2ndYrProjectWork 5

January 2019

Recent site visit to the school building project by 5th & 6th LCA Construction students.

SiteVisit 19
ScoilPol SiteVisit 19

December 2018

Sample of 2nd year clocks completed that they have designed themselves.



October 2018

Our 2nd year students have been working hard on their projects recently....


September 2018

First Years introduction to Woodwork in 2018

Scoil Pol Wood Scoil Pol Wood
Scoil Pol Wood Scoil Pol Wood

Febraury 2018

A few action shots from our current Second Years as they are making Towel Holders, Foot Stool & Clocks.

 IMG 7028  IMG 7029
 IMG 7031  IMG 7032
 IMG 7032  IMG 7033
 IMG 7034  IMG 7035
 IMG 7036  IMG 7038

Here is a quick video of one of our students turning a towel holder.

2nd Years 2017/2018

Our 2nd years are hard at work this year, here are some of the clocks that they have been working on:

 2ndYr clocks 1 2ndYr clocks 2 
 2ndYr clocks 3  2ndYr clocks 4

2nd Years 2017/2018
Some of our second years are just finishing their Toy Planes.

Toy Planes 1 Toy Planes 2
Toy Planes 3 Toy Planes 4

TY 2017/2018
This year TYs were asked to photograph their own home or a house close to where they lived with their Ipad. The pupils were then able to create accurate drawings of the house using both Google Maps/Street View and Technical Graphics skills. Currently they are creating each wall individually from modelling card and timber sticks to support it. The aim is to have their own individual model created before Christmas and mounted on a base piece that will represent the site and surrounding landscaping where relevant.

IMG 0907 IMG 0908 IMG 0909
IMG 0910 IMG 0911 IMG 0912
   IMG 0913

1st Years 2017/2018

Here are some pictures of our first year class busy at work on their first "Trenching" project.

IMG 0903 IMG 0904
IMG 0905 IMG 0906

2016 / 2017

Leaving Cert Wood Projects 2017




Junior Cert Wood Projects 2017



TY Wood Projects 2017


Here is an example of some of Toy Trains completed by our 2nd years recently ...

Wooden Train Wooden Train






Here is one of our 3rd yrs who is turning a bowl for his Junior Cert projectwork.

WoodTurning in Scoil Pol Wood Turning a bowl in Scoil Pol Kilfinane


Here are some pictures of the hard work of 6th years' are doing at the moment working on their projects...

 Woodwork in Scoil Pol  Woodwork in Scoil Pol
 Woodwork in Scoil Pol  Woodwork in Scoil Pol
 Woodwork in Scoil Pol  Woodwork in Scoil Pol
 Woodwork in Scoil Pol  Woodwork in Scoil Pol


Here is one of our 3rd yrs woodturning a biro from Walnut. And the finish piece on the right.

3yrwoodturning  wooden biro


On Tuesday December 13th the 5th and 6th Construction Studies classes visited LIT where they witnessed demonstrations on a wide range of Construction based activities. We saw the use of a CNC router, cube testing of concrete, soil sampling, site surveying, roofing methods, use of ICT in interior design, etc.

Scoil Pol LIT Open Day Scoil Pol LIT Open Day 16
Scoil Pol LIT Open Day16 Scoil Pol LIT Open Day16


Example of clocks made since September!

 spwoodenclocks1  woodenclocks



3yr wooden clocks


Here is a quick video demonstrating Wood Turning.



We are delighted with the fantastic craftsmanship from both our Leaving and Junior Cert students. Please have a look at the beautiful pieces below:


Leaving Certs Wood Projects 2016



Junior Cert Wood Projects 2016


Since Christmas our 2nd Yrs have been designing their own hand crafted lamps. Students were asked to bring in an old piece of firewood which we transformed on the lathe into a fully functional lamp. Each student was required to input their own unique design for both the lamp and the base piece. Some used wood-burning, others used veneers in the form of parquetry to decorate their project.


WoodLamp1 WoodLampsMar16

WoodLampsMar2016 2


Miguel Marzo from Spain spent 6 weeks with us in Scoil Pol, he had never done Woodwork before and eventhough he had very little English he completed this decorative piece of Parquetry. It was finished to a very high standard and he picked up new Woodwork skills very quickly to complete it within the short time he spent with us.



Junior Certificate 2015 Wood Projects

Junior Cert Wood Projects 2015

Leaving Certificate 2015 Wood Projects

Leaving Cert Wood Project 2015

News: Second Year Wooden Stools


As another year comes to a close for these students there are more fabulous pieces created in the Woodwork room in Scoil Pol. The latest project was a hand-crafted stool where the 2nd years got to choose the designs on the legs and whether they wanted the top in timber or upholestry.
We are very grateful to the Hayes family of Ballylanders who supplied us with the foam for the seats of our stools. 

Second Year Wood Projects

 SecondYearWood1  Second Year Wood Projects


2014 Wood Projects

Wood 2014





Leaving Certs Trip to LIT

On Tuesday Dec 9th Leaving Certificates visited LIT campus in Moylish where they were shown demonstrations on Building Construction, Joinery Techniques, Concrete Testing, Site Surveying, 3D CAD, etc.


LIT Construction Trip


Second Year Toy Trains


For the past 6 weeks 2nd years have been working on a Toy Train made from softwood but stained to look like more expensive hardwoods. They engaged in activities where they used the lathe to turn the wheels, cylinder and chimney, the mortiser to make the windows & used a biscuit and dowel joint to assemble it together.


woodtrain train




5th & 6th yr Students visit Construction Site
September 26th
Fifth & Sixth Year students went to Croagh, Co. Limerick last Friday Sept 26th to visit an active building site. Students were paired up and given twelve activities related to various building components and strategies to investigate at the site.
Students were required to measure and record the various building materials being used in modern day construction. Students were also given the opportunity to complete interior designs for various rooms within the building, e.g. Where to position a TV, couch and coffee table in the living room. The builder explained to the whole class group how to mark out and cut a common rafter that would be used as part of the roof for this structure.

Construction Field Trip 2014


2013 Wood Projects

Wood 2013


2012 Wood Projects

Wood Projects 2012


2011 Wood Projects

Wood Projects 2011

Scoil Pol Transition Year





Transition Year Graduation 2016


TY Graduation 2016


Presentation to the Irish Cancer Society

After the fantastic charity fundraising event in April, the TYs presented a cheque to the Irish Cancer Society for €1,800.





YSI Project - 'Happy Feet' Charity Run/Walk or Cycle

Our YSI project was presented to various schools in Munster in the Limetree Theatre in Limerick City last month, overall our presentation went very well and we recently were informed that we have got been accepted to attend the show in Dublin with approxiametly 70 other schools from around the country. As part of our YSI project we are promoting positive mental health and self harm, the class decided to organise a fun run, we organised this with our religion teacher, however it was great to see all the staff help with the event. The money raised from our event will go to the Irish Cancer society and our Transition Year fund. We organised a 5 kilometre fun run, a 35 kilometre cycle and a 60 kilmetre cycle. This event will run on the 16th of April and will commence with the 60k cycle at 10am, the 35k cycle at 10.30am, and finally the 5k run/walk at 12 o clock. There will be light refreshments and a fun day icluding a live DJ, Bouncing castle, BBQ, Facepainting, and more! Be sure to invite all your family and friends, a great day will be had here at Scoil Pol!. if you have any queries about the event please do not hesistate the contact the school on 06391197. For the full report click here..

SPCharityPosterWebt alarm


This was a hugely successful event, that require alot of organisation work from all the students involved, with help from their teachers. Well done to all the students involved!



Also on day the TY launched their website 'BIND' Body and Mind Combined on the day. This website is packed full of information about maintaining a healthy mind and body. Each student created 2 webpages one for healthy mind and the other for healthy body. The coded and researched each topic themselves. You can access it at




Scoil Polar Bears Bank Competition

Scoil Pól attended the Regional Competition for 'Build a Bank' and did really well and came 7th overall.


TY host play "The Golding Years"

The TY's presented a play called The Golding Years by local playwright Michael Dennehy in the Community Centre Ardpatrick on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th of March 2016.




 play2016 play2016ad 


Be at your best Investing in your Mind and Body

On the 8th of March 2016 30 transition year and fifth year students traveled to UL to attend a Mental Health talk delivered by Bressie. Click here to read the full report.

BressieKilfinaneTY BressieTalkUL