Work Experience Reports

Student Work Experience Reports

Each year our Transition Year and LCA students go on Work Experience. Here are some of the reports from our students.


Eireann O'Brien 5th Yr 2015

On Monday 9th Febuary I visited UL as part of my work experience. I spent the day with Carol Huguet, who very kindly planned out my day and made it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. I began the day by meeting with Shane Kilcommin, head of the Law department in UL, who was very approachable. I spoke to Jerry Cronin, who I spoke to about careers and the course I am interested in doing, and I found this very helpful. I then went to speak with Karen Mcgrath, who informed me about the First Seven Weeks programme, which is in place to help first year students settle in. I will find this useful if I decide to go to UL in the future! I was given a tour of the sports arena. The building is very impressive, and I will be sure to get involved in activities there in the future. I also met up with a first year Law Plus student, with whom I attended two lectures, one on criminal law, and the other on contract law. Throughout the day, I was also shown around various buildings in UL. Overall I found the day enjoyable, and I am happy I had the experience. I definitly hope to go to UL to study in the future.


Frank Crowley TY 2015

For my work experience I went to my local primary school Martinstown National School. School started at 9.00 am each morning and finished at 2.40pm. Breaks were at 11.00 and 12.40. I supervised during lunch and break times and even took part in  lunchtime activites . Other jobs I had during my stay was supervising computer class, teaching  students maths, healoing in arts and crafts and giving students tests.
Each day I was in a different room to see different classes and how they are taught.  went to primary school for my work experience because I like working with pupils. I have an interest in teaching in the future ans I choose to go to Martinstown N.S. because it is an excellent school and I went there when I was younger and I know the staff.
My highlight of the experience were the students and how friendly, welcoming and respective they were to me.
Thank you fior reading.
Yours Sincerely
Frank Crowley


Brian O'Keeffe TY 2015

I partook my Work Experience in the UCC Law Department for the week 9-13 February 2015. Where do I start!
I had to be up at 7:00 each morning to get a lift to Cork every day, to get to UCC by 9am.
To start my day, I would attend various Law Lectures, like Company Law, Property Law, and my favourite one, Criminal Law. I found these really interesting, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of questions being asked to Lecturers during classes.
After the 2 hour lectures, I would go to my assigned office, and start on my Project Work. (I was asked to research a deceased Judge that was to be the subject of a talk in a few weeks).
I was also asked to complete some Office Work by the Law Dept Secretary. This was vital, I felt, because the work of a Solicitor/Barrister involves a lot of paper work.
My working hours were 9am-4pm, with lunch from 1-2pm.
I decided to go to UCC Law Dept when I noticed work experience was being advertised to Transition Year students. I jumped at this chance, given I want to pursue a career in Law.
I really enjoyed my work experience. It was great to experience what goes on in a career I am interested in. I learned a lot from this about myself, my possible future career, and the college. I would definitely recommend it!
Yours Sincerely,
Brian O' Keeffe