TY Diary 2020 2021

TY Diary 2020 2021


TY Diary 2020 2021


Welcome to our TY Diary 2020/2021! On this page we will keep you up to date with all our adventures during the year!



Photography Course with Micheál O’Sullivan

On the 16th of November, we got to spend the day having a smartphone photography course with Micheál O’Sullivan. As part of this course, we spent about 30 minutes learning about basic photographic techniques such as the Rule of Thirds, which explains how a photograph’s proportions should be. After this, we walked around the town of Kilfinane using the techniques we learned for practical photos. It was after this that we travelled by bus to the Ballyhoura Forest Park. Here we learned about Split-Focus and Auto-Focus and used the stunning forest scenery of the park to refine our photography skills in a mixture of scenes. Finally, we travelled to Doneraile Park to learn about Panoramic Photos and Profile Pictures. The scenes of the small river and the Doneraile Estate made for some perfectly framed photos to showcase what we had learned. Finally, we returned to the classroom to spend the last 30 minutes editing our photos and learning about things like contrast and sharpness. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and taught us skills that will only become more important as social media evolves.


TY Photography 2

TY Photography 1

TY Photography

Orienteering in the Ballyhoura Mountains

On Tuesday the 10th of November, we took a short bus trip to Ardpatrick and the Ballyhoura Forest Park. When we arrived, we were split into pairs and given a map of the area and a sheet containing a number of answer slots. Our task was to navigate around the mountains and find codes scattered on objects like posts which were marked on the map, and then return to the visitor centre as fast as we could. The mountain paths were covered in foliagemaking for a great sense of exploration. It didn’t take long for us all to get separated when trying to decipher the maps. A couple of wrong turns led some groups to take close to two hours, while the fastest group completed it in a blazingly fast half hour. When the final group had returned, we headed back onto the bus and returned to school after a great few hours exploring the Ballyhoura Mountains.


Orienteering 1



homeless not hopeless

As part of the TYA Young Social Innovators project, we took to the footpaths of Kilfinane to represent the number of homeless people in Limerick. The launch of our TYA campaign "Homeless Not Hopeless" took place today in Scoil Pól. Homelessness is a very prevalent issue in Ireland and as part of our campaign we are organising care packages which will be donated to Novas. If anyone would like to donate items for our care packages, please contact the school for more information! 



homeless not hopeless

homeless 2

homeless not hopeless

homeless 4

homeless not hopeless

homeless not hopeless




Clay Pigeon Shooting

Today we went clay pigeon shooting at the Lazy Dog shooting range in Ballintubbur. We left the school at 9am and it only took us about 15 minutes to be standing with the guides. We were split into two groups based on build and we either went with Ray or Joe. 5 people in each group shot at a time and we got individually fitted and shown how to work the guns. All of us were right handed so there was no issue there, but when we were checked for which eye was dominant there could be an issue. If you were left eye dominant you had to close it or in James's case, wear an eyepatch because your right eye has to line up with the barrel of the gun. We got 25 casings each and all got the opportunity to shoot on our own, but also in a competition form against each other. There were 3 different angles the clays came from, 1 far away coming towards us and the other two close getting further away. When we all finished we had a chance to take photos and take home some clays if we wanted to.

claypigeon 1

claypigeon 2

claypigeon 3

claypigeon 4

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